Word of the day… lambent

I think lambent sounds such a lovely word, I’m sure I must have used it in my writing somewhere, but I can’t quote it to you right now. Lambent means  a glow, or soft radiance, a flickering light, like moonlight, or candlelight  something romantic and gentle and pleasant. A lambent wit is gentle kind fun, a playful sense of humour, not sarcastic or caustic or cynical. Lambent can mean moving swiftly and lightly over something, again like light or flame or maybe an expression across a face?

The word comes from Latin as you might guess if you ever studied it (I did and failed dismally); lambere means to lick, or maybe to lap… the moonlight lapping the surface of the water, the candlelight lapping the edges of the darkness…


    1. Lois

      Isn’t it great? I wonder if you’ll now come across it lots of times… it sometimes happens like that, doesn’t it? A friend recommended the poet Mary Oliver who I had never heard of, and within a couple of days I had come across her twice more by chance!


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