Nano day 21

Three whole weeks!! A week to go!! Come on me, I can do it!  I’m having a daily focus and I’ll review the past week here – a sort of checklist and reminder of what I should be thinking about, which will maybe spur me on!

Three weeks complete  but keep going! I should have a clear idea of what I need to do, and I can really force the pace now, the end is in sight!

  1. reviewing previous prompts: weather, newspaper articles, conversation, action, extra  characters and setting details, general reviewing and additional scenes, focus on target
  2. direction the story is taking
  3. senses
  4. reviewing the different story-lines
  5. look at the senses again – this time from the point of view of the narrator (not Thomas himself)
  6. check word count and whatever it is use it as a spur
  7. the p’s – plot, people, POV (point of view) purpose, place, pace

The end is in sight!


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