Plogging… or in my case, plalking

We’ve been trying to go out for walks each evening – this lovely summer weather has really encouraged us to want to, and even though it does get a little boring walking round the same area, we can chat and talk and catch up on things. We’ve also been trying to take positive actions, small as they maybe on a global scale, to fight against the destruction of our planet. We recycle at home and try to buy ethical products in ethical wrapping – almost impossible with some things!

We’ve had  a slight setback with the plastic bricks we’ve been creating; the idea is to fill plastic bottles with plastic wrapping, ram them full so they are rock hard and then they can be used as building materials. There was a local scheme to build something in a park, so we joined in fervently and enthusiastically. Having collected and filled over fifty bottles, we went to deliver them just to find a notice in the collection point window saying they didn’t want them any longer… There was no suggestion of where to take them… so they just went to the dump… very annoying, and for some it would be discouraging to continue trying to recycle. Not us… we carry on, in our own small way.

Back to walking… our village is kept quite clean and tidy, and the nearby beach too, but I have noticed the odd pieces of rubbish and have often wished I’d brought a bag to collect them. Now i discover that picking up rubbish while out and about is a thing! It’s called plogging – a mixture of picking up litter and jogging. Well I don’t jog, I’ve never been a runner even when i was a swimmer and really really fit, but we do go walking as I mentioned. Now we have a jog I’m thinking we’ll be walking even more. So I must remember to take out a bag, and gloves and maybe a collapsible grab and pick up what litter I do find round our streets.

One small step!

Here’s an article about plogging:

My featured image is of a house round the corner, so pretty!


    1. Lois

      Well done her… it amazes me how disgusting some people are… or maybe I shouldn’t be amazed but despairing… I especially hate people who dump rubbish in the countryside when they could take it to the tip!

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