Names, names, names

As it heads towards the end of the year, I’m looking forward to finding out what names have been popular for children in 2019… this is what was trending four years ago:

I’m fascinated by names, I always have been, but now I wrote I research names for my characters really carefully. I’m always interested in statistics about trends and fashions, and so was very interested when a full list of names given to babies last year (2015) was  published by the National Records of Scotland. The most popular names for girls and boys were Emily and Jack… however…

  • There are six boys named Loki
  • one child called Thor
  • one boy named Remus
  • a girl has been named Khaleesi from the character in ‘A Game of Thrones’
  • a girl called Shakira and another named Paloma,
  • two boys were called Axl
  • other girls were named December-Lee, Texas, Wolf and Diamond, and two were called Briar-Rose
  • there were boys named Sonnyboy, Tennessee and Testimony
  • the year after the independence referendum in Scotland, one boy and four girls were named Indy, twenty-three girls were called Indie and another six Indi
  • there was a boy named Corbyn
  • boys were called London and Lomond
  • girls were named Paris.
  • there was one girl called Surely, one called Avana-Solaris, one Awesome and one Bliss.
  • girls names included Forest, Fox, Pebbles and Rogue
  • one girl was named Mercedes and another Porsche.
  • a girl was named Snow and one Sunshine.
  • four girls were called Sunny
  • one boy was called Bowie, four Ziggy
  • six boys were named Buddy
  • there was one Bully.
  • and other names include Journey, Karma, Lazarus, Peace, Panache, Pepper, Winter and Wisdom

Find out more here:


  1. Andrew Petcher

    Interesting how name fashions change. When I was at school most of the boys had Saint’s names, Andrew, John, Michael, Paul etc. but these have all fallen out of fashion now.

    This year I got a new granddaughter who is called Heidi, no one was called Heidi at my school, the most popular names were Jane, Susan, Christine etc.

    On the Greek island of Corfu it is estimated that 50% of all men and boys are called Spiro after Saint Spyridon, the Patron Saint of the Island. That is rather like the Monty Python ‘Bruce’ sketch. Bruce by the way way did not make the top 100 in Australia in 2018.

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    1. Lois

      Oh, I remember that in Corfu! – we met several different people, and they were all called Spiros – it was only later we properly realised the reason, and that was after it was St Spyridon’s Day and there was a procession bearing the embalmed remains of himself up a nearby hill – and then lots of feasting on lamb kebabs with rosemary and garlic! We ate till we almost burst!! Many many years ago but I remember it vividly!!

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