Dear dangerous cyclists…

Dear very dangerous cyclists, yes you, the couple of gentlemen riding through Uphill, one on the road, one on the narrow pavement. You were wearing cycling shorts and helmets and wraparound sunglasses and you were merrily chatting away as you approached me and the dog as we walked along the path. I slowed down and moved against the railings of the Bluebell Field. I pulled the dog on a shorter lead, expecting you sir, the one riding along the pavement to move onto the road, and then both of you to give my a wide berth – two metres is the distance, isn’t it? You know that! However, you riding along the pavement – which is only just over a metre wide kept riding, and almost ran into the dog.
“Can you not ride of the road!” I shouted. Did you apologise? Did you even reply? Did you above all move onto the road where you should be cycling? No! No! No!
How very rude, how very dangerous, how very inconsiderate!!
Why did you think it fine that I should stop and get out of your way? Why did you think you riding on the pavement was any way alright?
You’re not a little child learning to ride! you’re not an unthinking kid who doesn’t always do the right thing! You are a bloke of about twenty, arrogant, dangerous and inconsiderate.
In these troubled times, as we do our once daily walk, we take extreme care to walk round other people, sometimes crossing the road to avoid them – and they do the same for us. We call out a cheery ‘thank you!  to each other.
As i looked back, you were going into the small wood, on your bikes; the small wood where children and village people walk (these days trying to avoid each other) I hope you took more care riding among the trees than riding on the pavement.
Yours fumingly
A walker and dog

My featured image is of the Bluebell Field


  1. Andrew Petcher

    When I was younger cycling on the pavement was an offence but now it seems to be acceptable. Police will take no action as they used to. I don’t object to children on bikes on the pavement but grown men should use the road. I have often challenged people but generally get abuse in return.

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    1. Lois

      I know!! I used to cycle everywhere when I was young and it was absolutely forbidden to ride on pavements – just as it was to ride without lights at night!! And yes, there are a lot of aggressive cyclists out there – which is a shame for those who are considerate!

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  2. David Lewis

    I was driving home from shopping last week and as I rounded a corner a man stepped off the sidewalk to keep his distance from two other walkers coming the other way right out in front of me and I almost hit him. He could have been the first victim of the virus without dying from it. I think that more people die each year from seasonal flu than covid has taken so far but it’s made our city into a ghost town and the economy may never bounce back. Like the old saying went [ If they can put a man on the moon why can’t they………………]


    1. Lois

      It’s quite frightening here, although we are lucky to be in the part of the country where there have been fewer people catching the wretched thing. However, more than 20,000 deaths is quite a lot, plus the people who have been really ill and now have permanent damage to their lungs… What a different world we will live in when it’s over.

      Lucky you did miss that man!! All is quite quiet in Uphill, although some silly people are still driving here to go on the beach and the hill, parking cars without thinking about others.

      The Dolphin maybe shut, but we have Otter!!

      Stay safe xx


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