Reviewing what I’ve read – here’s ‘A North Sea Tale’

I read so many books, and I review a lot of them here, but for some reason and I’m reprimanding myself a little now, I don’t share or write reviews on book sites and pages, including Amazon. As a self-publishing reviews are improtant to me too – and yet I rarely remember to politely ask for my readers to write them.

Resolution! It’s not January 1st, but August 19th but I resolve to share my reviews, or write new ones on books I particularly like, but also other books too. Lots of people find reviews of all sorts of products helpful before they buy them, and readers find insights into books interesting and helpful. With that in mind I have just done a review for a book I mentioned here as couple of days ago, ‘A North Sea Tale’. Her it is:

A North Sea Tale is set in Hull in the 1970’s at the height of the cod wars – although to be more precise, most of the story takes place on a small fishing trawler called Cuckoo. The main character is an awkward and unhappy young lad Danny, who almost by accident runs away to sea. He finds himself among a group of experienced trawler men, and it is fascinating to see what exactly happens on board to chase and find and then catch the fish. Once they’re hauled aboard the hard work begins to get them into storage before returning home. To make a hard job even harder, someone is murdered – and of course the murderer is one of the crew!
This is an absolutely gripping read, a real page turner, but so interesting and insightful too – learning about the terrible rigours of life at sea, about Danny’s life changing in a way he could never have imagined, about the lives and background stories of the different rough and violent men on board… It is also beautifully masterfully written. I am envious of Chris Speck’s skills as a writer!


  1. Jnana Hodson

    Best wishes on the endeavor. I’m trying to do the same, but there is only so much time in a day.
    I am more inclined to order a book that has a review, especially when it presents a clearer view of the contents than the author’s own blurb does.
    As an author, I also find the feedback important. Knowing that someone else shares the experience is an incredible validation.
    What you’re doing is important. I hope we can encourage other readers to start doing the same.

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