Farholm is now a paperback!

March 2012 doesn’t seem that long ago in some ways, but in others it’s like a different world – and yes it was. March 11th 2012 was when I published my first book through Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing. I’d tried for years to find a publisher or an agent, all without success, or maybe luck, so when I found I could do it myself – I did!

My first book was ‘Farholm‘. Farholm is an imaginary island which has now featured in further stories I’ve written, and is about seven miles from the coast where my other imaginary places are, Easthope and Strand. Although the story is told from the viewpoint of one character, Deke, there are two stories – hers and that of Michael with whom she ends up reluctantly sharing accommodation. They each come to the island on a mission and  I had their stay exactly two weeks. It was the shortest time I could manage to get in all the things which happen to them, and I needed them to stay on the island, almost trapped their by the missions they had separately undertaken. I think some people assume because these two main characters are a man and a woman that a romance is part of the story, well it definitely isn’t. As with most of my stories ‘Farholm‘ is a stand alone, although people have asked me what happens after the end of the book and if there will be a sequel. There won’t be a sequel, I don’t think, but I do know some of what happens to Michael and Deke; when I finish a book, I can’t let go of my characters and their stories continue in my imagination, but that’s where it stays!

Here’s the blurb for ‘Farholm‘:

Devastated by the death of her young husband, Deke Colefox is determined to find out all she can about the man she married, Niko Nicolaides and decides to go to his family home on Farholm Island. Dr Michael Cabus has his own secret reason for visiting the island; he too wants to find the truth about a beloved stranger. Deke and Dr Cabus arrive on the same ferry as a beautiful girl who then disappears. The islanders fear the worst as two other young women were horrifically murdered the previous year. Deke and Michael each have a personal interest in finding the missing girl, and finding her before she meets the same fate as the other two. Their desire for answers leads them to face uncomfortable truths and their lives are put at risk in an unexpected and terrifying way.

…and here’s a link to the paperback (there’s also an eBook):



the eBook!


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