A few £££ in our pocket

It was quiz night. I’m still a regular but have a variety of different team-mates. Tonight it was husband who has the advantage of being a sporty person who knows a lot about football, a music person so has a wide ranging knowledge about C20th music, a history/current affairs/general knowledge sort of a person, so I was full of hopes as we settled down as a team of two this evening.

Fuelled by Otter beer, we settled down for round one. The quiz we have at the Dolphin in Uphill is a bingo quiz. The answer paper has a fx5 grid for the twenty-five answers, but the numbers are randomly arranged. This means that when the answers are read out you circle the correct ones and if you have five in a row – vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or four corners, you shout ‘Dolphin’, and the first shout wins a prize. The second prize is awarded to the team who has the highest score. This means that chance can give your team a win even if you haven’ answered the mos number of questions. After the quiz there’s a random question and the person who gives the nearest answer to the correct one gets a free beer the following week.

I have quite a lot of random knowledge, and husband had areas of knowledge which I lacked, so together we won a round and also by luck, a line! Together with the fact that I had won the beer round last week so had a free pint, we altogether had a lovely evening. It was further enhanced by the friendly other teams; Tim’s team was on one side of us so there was plenty of banter with them, Taz’s team of two was sitting by the bar so as we were leaving we had a catch-up and a few chuckles with them, we had a friendly exchange with Christine’s team on the other side of us, and when all was done, one of the Amateur-Dramatics team stopped for a chat as she passed by.

Altogether it was a fab evening, and we came away with a few £££ in our pocket!


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