I am a writer living in the west of England; I have written thirteen novels, available on Amazon as e-books and paperbacks, and have just published 'Saltpans' This is the latest of the six Radwinter genealogical mysteries series, all available on Amazon - the seventh in the series due to appear in early summer. I have written seven other novels, a guide to writing, three stories for reluctant readers and two anthologies with other writers. I hope my blog will engage you with my other interests, music, family history travel, and food... Most of all I hope you engage with my writing and my thoughts on the process... at least, on my process!! You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Granny Anne

I remember Granny Anne from when I was little. She was very little herself by the time I knew her, bent over, and shuffling along the corridor all smiley to open the door for us of her tiny little house. Her husband Tom was an engine driver and he continued to wear his uniform bowler hat, even when the new modern […]


Right at home… in the Home Cottage

My husband Bari grew up near Redhill, Surrey,  and visited many, many pubs in the town… but one he never went in was the Home Cottage, near Redhill station. Redhill is a comparatively new town, in terms of English history, it started around 1818 and grew with the arrival of the railway. Redhill is one of the only places in the whole of the country where Fullers Earth […]