I am a writer living in the west of England; I have written thirteen novels, available on Amazon as e-books and paperbacks, and have just published 'Saltpans' This is the latest of the six Radwinter genealogical mysteries series, all available on Amazon - the seventh in the series due to appear in early summer. I have written seven other novels, a guide to writing, three stories for reluctant readers and two anthologies with other writers. I hope my blog will engage you with my other interests, music, family history travel, and food... Most of all I hope you engage with my writing and my thoughts on the process... at least, on my process!! You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Camel Wood

Camel Wood is an amalgam of many woods and woodlands and forests I’ve walked through. It is a large area of old woodland which exists only in my imagination but is so vivid and believable that it is easy to describe it when I write. Those of you who have read my novel ‘The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’ will know what […]


The sea, the sea…

Water is my natural element, I think I could swim before I could walk, and as a child I spent hours and hours in swimming pools, in, on and by the river, and in the sea whenever I could. I posted earlier about the tragedy of the little boy who fell into the sea near us here in Somerset, and now […]


Where there’s a Will…

In a previous post I mentioned Dr John Kennedy Will, who was in charge of what we would now call a hospital but in the nineteenth century was called a lunatic asylum, in Bethnal Green. I was writing about a patient of his, but I think Dr Wills would be an interesting person to investigate. His wife was Ella […]