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The sea, the sea…

Water is my natural element, I think I could swim before I could walk, and as a child I spent hours and hours in swimming pools, in, on and by the river, and in the sea whenever I could. I posted earlier about the tragedy of the little boy who fell into the sea near us here in Somerset, and now […]


A new chapter…

We were delighted to receive some wonderful news yesterday. We were sitting with some of our oldest and best friends on Box Hill in Surrey when we got a phone call. My daughter has been accepted into Ulster University. We are so thrilled and delighted for her; this will be a huge change in her life. It will also be a huge change in […]



Originally posted on Lois Elsden:
I love funny little museums, the Pencil Museum in Keswick, Cumbria, is wonderful. It gives a fascinating glimpse into the history of that so commonly used writing tool, the humble pencil. Pencils had a huge impact on history, believe it or not… but go to the museum and find out, and enjoy a…