Bits and pieces

This is the place for posts which don’t fit into other categories… unless they were a category all to themselves!

Oh dear… what a lot of work to do…

  I’m just mentioning again, the foolish thing I did unwittingly which will create a lot of unnecessary work for me. I’m just mentioning it again as a warning to others…. In an effort to do a little housekeeping, I went through my media library and deleted a lot of photos which I thought I wouldn’t use […]


What a spectacle

I was going through an old box of bits and bobs (or bits and bats if you prefer) and I came across this The firm of Dollond and Aitchison is a well-known chain of opticians, although it has now been absorbed by Boots. Dollonds started in 1750, but the Aitchison side of the partnership was much younger, it […]