Family Stories

All families have stories; some stories are almost myths… did my ancestors really come from Sweden? Were they really river pilots or pirates operating out of the east coast port of King’s Lynn? Some family stories are true, although some facts may be hidden; my great-grandparents loved each other across a religious divide, but where and how did they meet? Some family stories are only revealed through census records and some genealogical detective work. I want to tell the stories of my family, and others who otherwise might be lost in the past.

Uncle Wid

Although we were not particularly well-off, our house was always open to my parents’ friends and acquaintances. My dad, Donald, was born and brought up in Cambridge and his parents lived at the Portland Arms Hotel, so he knew many, many people in the town. Donald had his youth interrupted by seven years of war, but when he […]


Searching for Emma…

I get these bees in my bonnet. Horace Colgate, né Alfred Dodd, born in London… who was his father, who exactly was his mother? I knew her name was Emma Pither Dodd and that she married Thomas Colgate. Her birth place in the census was stated as Ascot in Berkshire but I just seemed to stumble blindly around the […]