Family Stories

All families have stories; some stories are almost myths… did my ancestors really come from Sweden? Were they really river pilots or pirates operating out of the east coast port of King’s Lynn? Some family stories are true, although some facts may be hidden; my great-grandparents loved each other across a religious divide, but where and how did they meet? Some family stories are only revealed through census records and some genealogical detective work. I want to tell the stories of my family, and others who otherwise might be lost in the past.

The Lady Denison.

The Lady Denison was a brig, or maybe she was a barque… she was a wooden, masted ship that is sure and she was owned by my great-great-grandfather and his brother in law, Nathan, Moses & Co. Samuel Moses was my ancestor, Louis Nathan was his brother in law. The ship, brig or barque, was built in Tasmanian at the convict settlement of Port […]