Food is not just a necessity for life, it enhances and enriches our lives. I love every aspect of food… not just eating it! I love cooking, and growing things, I love recipe books and cookery programmes, I love talking about food, reading restaurant menus… but most of all, sitting round a table in good company enjoying a wonderful meal!

Squash seeds – don’t waste them!

Am I so mean or is it just the way i was brought up, not to waste anything? I bought a butternut squash yesterday and today I made it into soup… I peeled it and the peel went into the compost bin; it will rot down and be perfect for potting seedlings next spring. The […]


And for lunch today…

I’m getting quite boring really… I had a reduced version of this for breakfast; lunch was rye crackers, green pesto, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, feta cheese, spring onions, fig and pomegranate balsamic vinegar, Greek olive oil, Greek basil, rock salt and ground pepper. I will have something different for dinner!