Food is not just a necessity for life, it enhances and enriches our lives. I love every aspect of food… not just eating it! I love cooking, and growing things, I love recipe books and cookery programmes, I love talking about food, reading restaurant menus… but most of all, sitting round a table in good company enjoying a wonderful meal!

Rhubarb… with a raspberry sponge topping!

  I cut all our  rhubarb the other day and needing to make a pudding for tonight’s tea for my daughter’s new boyfriend, I thought I would stew it and put a sponge topping on it. Beat 8oz (200g) caster sugar and butter or margarine (8oz, 200g)  until very pale and creamy  


How does my garden grow?

We were so thrilled with how well our garden did last year; our raised beds were full of lovely vegetables, our apple trees were laden with almost too much fruit, and the japonica was equally full of lovely quinces. We were full of optimism and anticipation for this year’s harvest… there was a very warm spell in February, […]