Food is not just a necessity for life, it enhances and enriches our lives. I love every aspect of food… not just eating it! I love cooking, and growing things, I love recipe books and cookery programmes, I love talking about food, reading restaurant menus… but most of all, sitting round a table in good company enjoying a wonderful meal!

It started with tabbouleh…

A couple of weeks ago I was eating out at a buffet-style restaurant and came across tabbouleh which I had not had for years. Wow, so delicious! I’ve been making it ever since using different grains including millet and couscous and lovely fresh herbs from the garden. I came across some flageolet beans in the freezer today and decided to […]


Marmalade…Parmalade… Barmalade….

Some of the earliest of my childhood memories comes from the dark nights of late January when each year, my dad would make marmalade. My sister and I would lie in our beds in our bedroom at the front of the flat where we lived in Cambridge and the delicious warm smells of Seville oranges and black treacle would drift through… and in the morning there would be a […]