Music… and my favourite gigs

Music has always been an important part of my life even though I don’t play any instrument myself. You can read all about how I became a groupie (… there’s more of a story to those posts than you might guess from the title!) Music has also enabled me to meet the most wonderful people and make some great friends… and music has been an inspiration too!

Who is she?

This lovely young woman was singing, sometimes accompanied by a bass player and a saxophonist who doubled on a cajon at Love’s Café Restaurant in Weston-super-Mare on Thursday night, 30th August. She had a tremendous voice, warm and melodic, and played her instruments well… but who was she? I don’t know!  


The Story of Mick… teaching Macbeth

I taught 15-16 year olds in a pupil referral unit; this is an educational establishment for young people who can’t or won’t function within the ordinary state system. We taught them in their last year of statutory education, just one year to turn them around and get them some decent exam results so they would have a realistic chance of a  future, in education, […]