You have an idea for your story…

The next thing to think about is…. Your readers! Think about your audience! For a start, who are your readers? Adults, children, teachers, friends…? Be aware of them and how they may read your story and what they may read into your story… or perhaps not understand! Your audience is not watching a play, film […]


Next book… maybe a love story?

I am thrilled at the response I have had for my first two novels published as e-books, ‘Farholm’ and ‘Rosa’, but now I’m thinking of what to publish next. I am thinking of ‘Loving Judah’, which – although there is some action, is really a love story. The hook is what the ending will be… will he, […]


Uploading now… my latest novel!

My latest novel is uploading on Amazon now!!! It is available as an e-reader and as most of you know, is about how Rosa’s cousin, Tyche tries to find the stalker who wrought such misery on Rosa’s life. Rosa Czekov is an ordinary person who, through an extraordinary act of courage, brings herself to public attention. Rosa […]