I really am on the downward trail now to getting ‘Loving Judah’ uploaded and available on Amazon as an e-book. I am doing my last minute checking, spell-checking, re-reading, imagining myself as different characters to try and iron out nay inconsistencies…  I just can’t wait to get it finished! There is a major episode near the […]


I was so tempted…

There was a recommendation here on wordpress about the National Novel Writing Month http://www.nanowrimo.org/ I have been seriously thinking about taking up the challenge but I just think I have too much else on this year. I have to finish and publish ‘Loving Judah’, I have my three children’s novels to prepare for publication, I need to start editing […]


Writing a novel in a month… dare I?

Thanks to a WordPress blog, National Novel writing month has been drawn to my attention… http://4amwriter.com/2012/10/22/writers-start-your-engines/ I’ve read about it before but never more than vaguely contemplated doing it. However, having decided that ‘Loving Judah’ will be published on October 31st, maybe I should set myself a new challenge for November. I have decided my next published book will be ‘Night Vision’… but that comes from […]