Another little tempter for you…

As you may know, my new novel THE STALKING OF ROSA CZEKOV, is about a woman whose unexpected act of courage in a hostage situation brings unwelcome attention from a stalker. Her cousin Tyche, arrives in the small seaside town of Easthope on a mission to find the stalker. She arrives back from a visit to London: She was […]


Counting down… 8 days to go!

I really am on the last lap now… I am doing one last read through of The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’. Even though I have been working so hard on it recently I came across “he was was staring at her,” today. There are other little things too… and I’ve got in such a muddle about commas […]


Reading aloud

It’s the last lap now, doing the last that I can to make ‘The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’ as good as I can.. It’s so difficult to be objective about something I am so familiar with, I must have read it tens of times, I have watched it in my head, lived with it… but to gain objectivity, to spot the grammatical errors that spellcheck doesn’t throw up, to notice the […]