In two weeks…

In two weeks I’ll be meeting my dear friends from the Netherlands at Bristol Airport… and on Thursday 25th July we will be heading to Plymouth to see… the Mavericks!!! I just can’t wait… I can’t wait to see my friends again, I can’t wait to see the Mavs!  


Shepherd… or is he from Middle Earth?

While in the Netherlands, we came across this shepherd and his flock and three dogs; two dogs were working, one was retired because he was deaf but still accompanied his master and sheep. The sheep were grazing in woodland, and not being fattened for meat but were cropping the undergrowth to keep the woodland in […]


Dutch barbecues…. mmmmm!

A huge selection of meat and all beautifully arranged! This was only one of about five trays, burgers, chops, hocks, spare ribs, sausages, chicken, kebabs, steak, fillet, prawns…  Look at the desserts…. different sorts of a Dutch speciality called vlaai which comes from the province of Limburg…. utterly delicious!