Green, red, sheep

A copper beech against the bright almost lime green of the other beeches in the field; the sheep are blithely grazing beneath, still in their winter woollies. It’s May 2nd and really quite chilly, but the promised rain hasn’t come yet… the sheep don’t car either way, they have their waterproofs on.



I was talking about sheep’s cheese, and other sheepy things, including the lovely wool that Icelandic sheep have; I wished I had bought some while I was there, we saw some great balls of wool in a shop in Reykjavik, and I could have had a go at knitting something… A friend showed us some holiday photos which […]


Shepherd… or is he from Middle Earth?

While in the Netherlands, we came across this shepherd and his flock and three dogs; two dogs were working, one was retired because he was deaf but still accompanied his master and sheep. The sheep were grazing in woodland, and not being fattened for meat but were cropping the undergrowth to keep the woodland in […]