Running aground

Having enjoyed the last six assignments for my archaeology course, my massive open on-line course from Brown University, I have just run aground on the latest one which was to create a podcast. Now may I should have chosen one of the other choices, writing about three archaeological organizations (sounds a bit boring) write a […]


Who are they, and what are they doing and saying?

Whoo are the people on the beach There’s a mother and granddaughter paddling; grandma has just started saying “When I was a girl..” and the child is saying “ice-ceem, ice-ceem, me want ice-ceem”. Or maybe she isn’t a grandma, maybe she’s a grandpa and it isn’t a child but a dog, a dog who isn’t sure whether he likes the water or not. There are two people […]



A brilliant December day along Bridgwater Bay in Somerset. To the south are the Quantock Hills, to the west across the sea is Wales and to the north, beyond the peninsular of Brean Down, is Weston-super-Mare. Even Hinkley Point the nuclear power station (shiver) looks unthreatening in the glorious sunshine.