Exciting Times!

I have been overwhelmed with kind messages and encouragement from friends and family! I hope those who buy ‘Farholm’ will enjoy it, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good read!

One of the difficulties I find when writing is knowing when to stop. I become totally engaged with my characters ‘the people in my head,’ as my daughter describes them! When I have completed a novel I sometimes continue with the stories of my characters, just for my own entertainment; sometimes I write down their stories, sometimes they just remain in my head. Their stories are never meant for publication, but sometimes from what I write a new story with new characters emerges. For example ‘The Stalking of Rosa Czekov”, probably my next novel to be published on Kindle, arose from me imaging how characters from a previous novel would have coped with the trauma and horror of what they had endured. Before the start of the novel, Rosa Czekov suffered a ghastly experience when held hostage by a gunman; she suffered more afterwards when her fame brought unwelcome attention from a stalker.

So, with ‘Farholm’, I know what happens to Deke, Michael and Sean when they leave the island, but my readers never will… except in their own imaginations! And everyone is free to take my characters and ponder on their future!!


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