FARHOLM book cover

One of the things about self-publishing is that it is a learning process… I’ve found Kindle Direct Publishing fairly straightforward and have only had one little thing not quite work as I had intended… the cover picture of my book. However, I have managed to find a photo I can use and here’s a little secret info… I had wanted a cover picture  to appear to be taken under water, looking up towards the light. This was more difficult than it seems – especially as I had such a clear idea of what I had in mind! I had no photographic equipment to do this, and even less of a clue how I even could do it!

However, on a recent trip to Iceland I went on a glacier walk and went into an ice cave beneath the glacier. We too photos of the strange, almost mysterious shapes an colours…and it has suddenly occurred to me that I might use one of my under-the-glacier photos. This is my picture, which I hope does look as if it’s taken from the deep! I am also pleased with the fonts I chose, Papyrus for the title and Andy for my name.

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