Work in progress

I wrote my novel ‘The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’ several years ago and as with my other books tried in a variety of ways to  get it published. I bought ‘The Writers’ and Artists’ Year Book,’ and other similar publications, and carefully selected publishers to submit to, and even more carefully following their criteria for publication and guidelines… all to no avail.

I tried to get an agent to support me, all they did was cost me money and waste my time… yes I know they should be rewarded according to what they achieve,  but many agents only take on new clients if they pay expenses up front. I entered competitions… I tried everything I could think of and was not in a position financially to self-publish… but then along came Kindle!

I am thrilled with the response I have had for ‘Farholm’, and have been energised to prepare my next novel.

‘Rosa’ is a longer novel with a more complex story and many more characters. I have edited and re-edited it but now I need to do it properly!

It is a couple of years since I last worked on ‘Rosa’ so at the moment I’m going through the novel picking up any errors that have eluded previous corrections, and being a little more objective now, doing some judicial weeding. I know I overwrite, I sometimes use fifty words when fifteen would do!

When I have finished this first edit I will go through it again, reading it aloud and its amazing how much needs changing when words are spoken and not just cosily inside my head! After that I will download it as a PDF document onto my Kindle and read it again; seeing it on the page rather than a manuscript or computer screen is extremely helpful. And then… and then… and then I will upload it into Kindle Direct Publishing… upload my cover… and press GO… and wait and see!

I will update you here on my progress, and maybe give a few hints and teasers about what else happens to Rosa apart from being stalked… and I can tell you now… its not pretty!

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