Kevin Montgomery & The Road Trippers with Chris Cook

Devon – January 28th 2005

It goes without saying that it was another fab night with Kevin and the lads! You are just guaranteed to have a great time seeing them live! The venue was at Shebbear College in deepest darkest Devon. The organizers at the college very kindly supplied me with details and a route to get there and when I eventually arrived (yes, I got lost again) they were most welcoming and friendly.

Shebbear (and despite Kevin’s best efforts I still do not know how to pronounce it except it is not She-bear) is a tiny village and the college is an independent boarding school. The gig was in a large hall set out with tables and chairs and the band were up on a stage. I felt a little distanced from them compared to when I’ve seen them inBristolbut that didn’t really spoil my enjoyment.

Chris Cook was in support who I had heard first in Bristol. Then after a long wait (the band was at the pub apparently…. getting changed…. apparently!!) Kevin ambled onto the stage and kicked off with ‘Stumbled’ (or do I mean stumbled onto the stage and…..) After another number he was joined by Al, Mike, Paul and Robert and they set to giving us a great evening.

If they seemed a little tired at first it was explained that they had had been in the Netherlands the night before and had had a difficult journey back to England. They had had a great time over there, measured it seems by the fact that the drummer fell over and was lacking consciousness for a few minutes (‘I was pushed’ said Paul indignantly. ‘You were not,’ replied Robert, laughing) At one point, just in the middle of my favourite ‘I don’t even know your name,’ the electricity tripped out (technical term) but Sherry and Stewart the amazing sound people rushed to the rescue and soon we were grooving again.

Paul, Al and Robert left the stage and Kevin sang ‘Angel’ with Mike in support. The last time I saw them perform it inBristol, Mike was unbelievably brilliant and Kevin was so taken with his playing he sang the wrong verse! There was vibration from the snare drum which Kevin had to still, but when they played Mike was just as brilliant – and  Kevin remembered all the verses. It is a moving song and the audience were actually silent while he was singing. The audience did have a great time, but they were very chatty and talkative which became a little intrusive at times.

Mike McAdam had a solo spot and sang a number from his cd, a favourite of mine ‘Million Miles.’ Al Perkins gave a great performance doing the Robert Johnson number ‘Crossroads’. I wish I was knowledgeable enough to explain what instruments he used – to me it was just a great sound.

Unlike Hannah I can’t remember the numbers or the order they came in but it goes without saying that they were all amazing and it was a fab night. Here is the set list but only what I can remember!:

Cherokee City
Tennessee Girl
Crossroads (brilliant Al Perkins)
Flower of My Heart
Las Vegas (fantastic!)
I Don’t Even Know Your Name (half of it!)
Come On Baby
Cajun Song
Fear Nothing
I Wish I Were Blind
Another Long Story
Let’s All Go to California
Million Miles (Mike McAdam solo)
Your Kind of Love
I Can’t Drive You From my Mind
Full Blooded American Boy

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