Sausages 2

I have a most wonderful and remarkable family who I love dearly. We live in the West of England and most of them live in the East so we have to make an effort to remain close and see each other frequently. We phone, we email, we send cards… but we also do things together, even if we have to travel hundreds of miles to do so!

My mum Monica, was particularly close to her sister, and I am very close to her children, my cousins. Every year we meet the first Saturday of December for our Christmas party… but that’s another story! We also go away on holiday together every Easter, usually about twenty of us, and that too is another story.

On our Easter holiday it is tradition that we should have sausages for breakfast for the first couple of days. Not just any sausages, but Powter’s!

My cousin Simon is the breakfast chef; he and I are usually the first to rise and we drink tea and chat while he sorts out the sausages.

We bring pounds and pounds of Powter’s chipolatas from Newmarket to wherever we go on holiday. The first year we went to Milford in Derbyshire, the following two years we went to the beautiful Hopton House near Carsington Water, also in Derbyshire. For family reasons we had to miss the next year but then we went to the Forest of Dean, to Shropshire twice, to Cumbria twice and to Kettlewell in Yorkshire this year.

Dale House, Kettlewell, our holiday home this year 2012

There were twenty of us this year, I was the eldest and little Izaak aged nearly three was the youngest. Everyone of us sat down at some point in the morning and had our sausages for breakfast, cooked by Simon. There are no sausages to match Powter’s, it’s that peppery flavour, the texture of the sausage meat, not too chunky, not too finely minced; it’s the right amount of rusk so the sausage is soft and not chewy, but not too much to make it pappy and soft; it’s the seasoning, enough salt to bring out the flavour but not so much you’re dehydrated for the rest of the day; it’s the way they cook, splendid in their shiny skins which don’t burst open and are not chewy and tough; it’s the fact that they are as good cold as they are hot, they compliment any other breakfast item or are perfect for a sandwich or roll… I could write more but where would I stop?!

Powter’s chipolatas!

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