Shaking off the doubts…

I have had very encouraging comments and support from readers of my first published book, ‘Farholm’ and full of enthusiasm and excitement I began to edit my next novel for publication… and suddenly I have become anxious about it. ‘The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’ is one of my favourite books that I’ve written – yes, I do prefer some more than others – but suddenly as I edit the dramatic ending I feel as if I have committed what I consider a cardinal sin in a writer. I think I am too fond of my characters…

What should I do? Oh no! Help! Heavens! Good grief!

Hang on, stay calm, don’t panic Jonesy, have faith.

I must read my work dispassionately, remain cool and clinical, prune away the dead wood but have confidence in my work. I hope I have put several twists in the tail and will trick my readers, lead them along a seemingly innocent and harmless path, then leap out of the metaphorical bushes and shout ‘BOO!’

Right, back to work; publication date, June!


  1. claregilmour

    Dear Lois – have courage! I am sure you can’t be too fond of your characters. In fact I can’t imagine how you could write well about characters you didn’t like, to some extent at least. This is also to say that I am hugely enjoying Farholm. I only started reading it recently as I had several long 19th century novels to finish for book clubs first. I think you are a natural story teller and your characters are really vivid and memorable. I want to be reading it all the time. Keep it up! x


  2. rossmountney

    I can SO empathise with your feelings Lois. I think people generally greatly underestimate the immense courage you have to have as a writer to put things down in the first place, then sever yourself from them – intensely difficult – and finally expose your work to the public. You have already had the courage to get as far as you have so I’m sure this last step, once more, will be surmountable. have faith. Very best of luck. x


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