Our pub the Dolphin

Pubs are an intrinsic part of British life, in the past the pub was central to the life of a village or the area of a town; it wasn’t just a place to buy ale, it was a place to meet friends, relax, talk, laugh, unburden yourself. Pubs have changed.. but that change is for another post… here I’m talking about our pub.

Enjoying a sunny Sunday lunch time

My family moved to the lovely little village of Uphill thirty years ago when my parents bought a bunglaow right next door to the village pub, the Dolphin. This was very handy! Sadly my Mum died soon after, and my Dad’s friends in the pub were a tremendous support to him, the landlord and landlady, and the regulars. When my sister was home with him over the weekend away from her care home, Dad’s best friend Trev would bring hima couple of freshly pulled pints… hoping it wouldn’t rain and dilute the beer on the way round!

Later when I had my children, Dad or my my husband Bari would bring me a pint or two while I looked after the babies and they went to the Dolphin! When my dad was very ill, the landlady sent round meals to him… Sadly he died but we kept his bungalow and eventually moved to Uphill some 10 years ago.

We don’t just drink there, Bari joined a band which became the pub band https://loiselsden.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/celtic-shambles-groupie-part-2/,

Kevin Terry, beer, Mick

there is a lively folk club on the first Monday evening of the month, we celebrated birthdays there

Memphis Shambles Bari’s 60th birthday

have Christmas meals there, entertain friends and family

Friends from the Netherlands enjoying a pint

We eat there – all sorts of wonderful home-cooked meals throughout the week, including a chip shop on Friday nights:

Menu for the Dolphin ‘chippie’
 The Dolphin has everything, great people running it, great regulars and visitors, including pub dogs, great food… but above all, great beer!

Penny, Mrs Pen at the back door of the pub

We have been most fortunate with our landlords and landladies and the pub thrives through their hard work – it’s not easy running a pub in times of heavy tax duties and the recession. Someone was once talking about the Dolphin in relation to the landlord, calling it ‘his pub.’ “No,” a regular said fiercely. “Not his pub, the Dolphin is our pub, he’s just looking after it for us.” That sums up the place of the British pub in our lives.

The Dolphin is probably the greatest pub in the world  … and  always serves good beer! Cheers!





  1. 4amWriter

    I have only been to England twice, but both times have enjoyed the quaint pubs that always seem timeless. We try to replicate them here, but something is missing. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Lois

      You’re right… but don’t forget the traditional English love of warm beer!! We like to let it chambrer! (At least us oldies do, the young drinkers like it cold!)


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