Counting down… 8 days to go!

I really am on the last lap now… I am doing one last read through of The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’. Even though I have been working so hard on it recently I came across “he was was staring at her,” today. There are other little things too… and I’ve got in such a muddle about commas and semi-colons… talk about not seeing the wood for the trees!

The wood
The trees

I am so excited about publishing ‘Rosa’ next week and really hope everyone will enjoy finding out who, if anyone was stalking Rosa. ‘Rosa’ will be available on Amazon as an e-book, it is my dream to publish in real books and to see my work on shelves of bookshops across the country… but until then my readers will have to read me on their Kindles or e-readers!


  1. rossmountney

    We all do it Lois. And I still find mistakes in books published through the traditional route which have been proof read by so-called experts, so you’re in good company! Still, I really admire your courage to put it out there. Good luck!.x


      1. loonyliterature

        Hello Lois, thank you very much – you have made my Saturday. Of course, I would like to accept. Thanks ever so much for thinking about me. It’s not long off Rosa being launched – so glad that you’re grabbing the bull by the horns.


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