Weston-super-Mare… a cloudy summer day

Today I went into town to meet my friend Trish for a cup of very nice coffee at our favourite café, The Coffee House:

We tried the guest coffee today, it was lovely!!

We always take our coffee upstairs

We try to sit by the window but the seats were occupied to we sat in a cosy corner.Actually, we never mind where we sit.

It is always nice by the window, though, looking across the High Street and the Italian Gardens and just glimpsing the sea in the distance.

Trish went to catch her bus and I wandered round town, busy with holiday-makers and tourists.

Ice-cream or tattoo?

The Grand Pier was busy
A cloudy day, but it wasn’t cold. In the distance the peninsula of Brean Down stretches into the sea and beyond it on the horizon, the hills of Devon.
Weston’s famous donkeys wait patiently

The economy might be in decline, the recession continues, so a day-out by the seaside is just what people want!


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