River Cruise on Board M.C. Belle September 4th, 1937

At 7:30 p.m. we made our way to Overstaunch which we reached at 8:15. We went to see Mr and Mrs Ellis at the “Boat” as we found it was now called. Breakfast was the next item on the menu and after this we went through the lock and moored above the staunch.

We enjoyed a perfect swim ound the lock and superb dives into the deep clear water from the diving board just off the pier. Unfortunately Donald was doing some submarine exercises and cut his foot on  a broken bottle but it has been washed and bandaged and seems alright at the moment. At any rate, he is running around the boat swtting wasps at the moment.

Donald (Snick) ready for a swim

Dinner consists of lovely potatoes with a big lump of butter and a tin of peas followed by a tin of pineapple.

We have a perfect evening swim in front of the boat and after baiting up, we hope to get some real good fishing, nothing under 2lbs!!!

We fished all afternoon and in the evening until we could not see and then made our way to “The Boat” where Mr and Mrs Knight were. We had a good talk and after being given some lovely young spring onions we went aboard for supper, where we had cheese and onions.

Lovely potatoes with a big lump of butter

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