Tibet… in England


I first knew of Tibet when I was a very young child; I was greatly excited by news of the conquest of Everest, and received a book as a Christmas present with stunning pictures of the Himalayas.

Just wandering around Salford Quays and we saw them…
In Weston College where I used to work, the visiting monks from Tashilumpo monastery made a sand mandala

In 2011 the monks of Tashilumpo monks spent a week in Glastonbury creating another mandala. When it was completed, after much ceremony it was reverently swept up, the sand carried through the town to the Chalice Well where it was sprinkled into the running water.

Sand mandala

The monks at the Chalice Well garden:

The sand is poured into the running water:


    1. Lois

      The colours were just wonderful! The Glastonbury sequence doesn’t really show what a drab and dreary day it was and how the monks lit up the streets… in many ways!


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