The summer of 2012… what summer?

What to do on a Friday in July? Go to the lovely city of Bath on the other side of Somerset from us. Bath is famous for… its baths! Hot springs in the area have drawn people from earliest times and the Iron Age peoples had a shrine there to some un-remembered gods or goddesses. When the Romans arrived in Britain they took over the area and built the city of Aqua Sulis… Romans bathed regularly at home and in public baths, with the hot springs providing free hot water it was ideal! The Romans left Britain and left Bath, but the town continued through the so-called Dark Ages, and through the Medieval centuries and becoming famous and popular in the Regency period… read Jane Austen if you want to know more!

So now, Bath is a beautiful city with an abbey, wonderful old shops, houses and other buildings, and lovely place to visit with daughter.

Hurrying through the rain…
Flip-flops, the most sensible option…

A soggy living statue… with pigeons
Time for coffee…


      1. loonyliterature

        The weather was so awful we ended up going into a marvellous restaurant/ bar called Bradleys and had a long, relaxing, delicious lunch. Normally we would have loved the museum and Seahenge but we were cold and wet through and decided we needed to sit by a nice fire. We are going again so will see all the wonderful attractions next time around.


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