Another great pub, another great pint!

We were sorry when Phil who looked after the Dolphin moved on… luckily he has only moved a couple of miles from Uphill to Weston-super-Mare. He can now be found at the Imperial and we popped in to see him the other night, and to enjoy a fine pint, because Phil really knows how to love and care for beer.

A view from the Italian Gardens
Getting closer to that perfect pint!
Two pints, please, Phil!

Lots of nice beers were available (and lagers and ciders too!) although the Imperial is a Butcombe’s pub. There were some lovely looking things on the menu too, I fancied the partridge… but we had already eaten so that will be a treat for another night!

Bari enjoying a pint of crystal clear and delicious Butcombe

Butcombe is a wonderful local Somerset beer, but I’ve got a glass of London Pride, and a fine pint it was  – note how it clings to the glass!

The Imperial is also a great place for music… I don’t know who they were but there were a couple of lads with guitars who were singing Tom Petty as we left!


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