Sausages 3


Dinner time…

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  1. grumpytyke

    I’ve never eaten Powters sausages so I cannot challenge your “best in the world”; they certainly look good. I have my local butcher’s Yorkshire sausage as part of an ‘English traditional’ pretty well every Sunday morning and they’re the best I’ve found so far. Good to see somebody who knows to cook them really slowly – also so the skins don’t burst and they stay very moist. I remember your previous post about the purple potatoes. No garden so I have to settle for Jersey Royals (pretty well ending now I think) or the delicious, mis-shapen Anya I’ve found only in Sainsbury. Would you believe we sent some to my mother-in-law and she grew them in Romania – I bet they’ll taste even better when I have them straight from her garden next week.


      1. grumpytyke

        Hello Lois. Downsized to a small flat about a year ago and no room for potato pots (every windowsill is full of my wife’s decorative plants). Yes, I lived in Romania for over 11 years, been back for visits twice since and joining my wife there next Monday, coming back together 10 days later. It’s a magical place but, for the most part, avoid the cities.


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