Left over rice… stuffed tomatoes!


Some left over savoury rice? Some huge tomatoes? What better combination for a summer lunch than stuffing one with the other. There was a blog some time ago with pictures and a delicious recipe which I shall have to  investigate next time I get inspired.

So what did I do? Mixed the rice with the chopped up tomato insides, added some fresh herbs, pepper, balsamic vinegar, a little olive oil, and stuffed the mixture into the empty shells. I put on a topping of finely grated cheeses and breadcrumbs, bobbed it in the oven…

Wow! They look great!
Look at these fine beauties!

Now to put them to the test; I settle down outside to enjoy the tomates farcis with just a few lettuce leaves…

What a disappointment; tasteless wet tomatoes… the stuffing was OK but swamped by the feeble toms… I tried cooking them again and that did improve them a little but next time I shall make sure the tomatoes have plenty of flavour… it’s crucial, obviously!!


    1. Lois

      It was actually a bit of a disaster… yes, I think breadcrumbs not rice is a definite, and an egg too… but all that could have been forgiven if the tomatoes had had any flavour! Thanks for your suggestion, Carl!


  1. grumpytyke

    Other than in something like a Bolognaise sauce, or home-made ‘baked’ beans, I really dislike cooked tomatoes. I don’t think they were created to be cooked! They are a sure way many hotels ruin an otherwise acceptable traditional Sunday breakfast. Substitute peppers for tomatoes and you have one of my favourite dishes.


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