Too many cookery books? There’s no such thing!

I love food… I love cooking… part of the pleasure of travel, here or abroad is to try different foods! Going round markets, supermarkets, little delis and specialist shops, farm shops, gazing at menus, even those we could never afford… I am passionate about English and British food, food of these islands, but I love Mexican food, Mediterranean food, Greek, Spanish, Indian, Chinese…

I love cookery books, and read them for pleasure; I have my favourite cooks, Claudia Rosen, Arto Der Haroutunian, Michel Roux Jr, Diana Henry, Diana Kennedy…. oh and many more, and favourite books I return to, The Readers’ Digest Cookery Year I suppose is my Bible!

Buying cookery books is an addiction… will I ever break it?!!

Some of my cookery books

… and more, sneaked among the DVDs and Gaelic books


  1. Kana Tyler

    I’m loving this photo-series! And thinking what kindred spirits you and my mother are in this regard (sadly, the only thing *I* can find in the kitchen is the coffee pot—which may be why I married a Hawai’ian chef!)… And then I got to that last one and sat straight to attention–Gaelic books?! Oooh! 🙂


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