Grabbed by the ears!

Every so often I’m just pootling along doing my own thing, driving maybe, working more likely, music on in the background from radio, cd or computer… and suddenly someone jumps out of the speakers and grabs me by the ears and won’t let go until the music is finished!

I think it may have been on Myspace that the music of Amir Beso first lassoed me by the lugholes… without knowing anything about him apart from the one piece I had heard, I sent for his cd and wow! Amazing! This was several years ago and Amir now has another tremendous cd available.

Illumination... a wonderful collection of fabulous musicAmir, nick-named ‘Lazy’ just as Clapton is nick-named ‘Slowhand’, writes and produces all his songs, as he does on his next album ‘Fatamorgana.’ He is Bosnian and lives in Seattle now. You can find out all about Amir on his website, and follow him on facebook, but I urge you to do more than that… buy his cds! You won’t be disappointed! Promise!

Tracks on ‘Illumination’

  • Eleventh Hour
  • Healing Hands
  • Restless Rumba
  • Flashback
  • Serendipity
  • Illumination
  • Going Home
  • Belly Of the Beast
  • Shadow Dance

On this album Amir plays not only guitar and bass, but percussion, saz, tamburica and bouzouki – what a very, very talented man!

Driving through the beautiful Yorkshire countryside on the family holiday this year, listening to Amir, heaven!


  1. Alice

    Thanks for introducing me to this music–my gypsy toes were dancing. His story is interesting, and I think it fascinating how, whether he playing Blues or Rock or show tunes, one can hear Bosnia.


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