Where’s the action?

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, most of my novels are set in the imaginary town of Easthope which is on a coastline similar to the north coast of beautiful County Antrim in Northern Ireland. However some of the houses and buildings are inspired by those I see around me in the village where I live.

Coastguard Cottages… in Uphill or Easthope?

All around the coast of Britain and in Ireland too there are coastguard cottages similar to these in Uphill, there are also a terrace of these lovely cottages, built in 1874,  in Portballintrae, a small village I love in Antrim. In my Easthope novels there is also a terrace of these historic buildings just opposite the beach of the little bay; in ‘The Double Act’ Genet’s friend Chrissie lives in one with her son George.

The Uphill Great Rhyne… or the River Hope?

A rhyne is a Somerset word for a drainage channel and here is our Great Rhyne which runs through our village and into the sea via the River Axe. It is much smaller than the River Hope which appears in my novels, but in ‘The Double Act’ Joost walks along the Hope, concealed by high banks to escape the police.

The marina at Uphill… or Westope?

In my novel ‘Night Vision’ Beulah meets John at Westope marina… many of our friends, the ‘boaties’ keep their yachts and cruisers here.

The boatyard at Uphill… or the boatyard at Westope?

Beulah spends the night in her car at the boatyard at Westope by the marina after a catastrophic row with her husband. A dreadful storm rages around her reflecting the dreadful upset she feels by the argument.

Is this house near where I live… or did Alex live with here with his grandma and his son Noah? Is that Alex’s car?

This is such an attractive house, I would love to know what it is like inside. In my novel about the Portbradden family old Mrs Portbradden has lived there all her married life; she brought up her orphaned grandson Alex, and then his son Noah as well.

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