Olives… in Uphill

I adore olives, little or large, black, green or red, stuffed or with their stones still in, olives from any country in the world. I just wish they grew in England… but wait, what is this? What is growing on our olive tree? Can it be? Can it really be?

Olive tree



    1. Lois

      The tree would survive I’m sure, with some care over winter, but it’s the amount of sun that’s the crucial thing! It was covered in flowers but I didn’t think I’d actually get any fruit!
      … and for your grapes, I think you may have to cook them or make them into chutney!!


    1. Lois

      They are very hardy but we do wrap ours in bubble wrap in the winter and bring it in if it’s a hard frost… only because it is in a pot. I think it would survive if it was in the ground.


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