I’m sure it will taste alright…

Whenever we are with our cousins Simon and Carolyn, the girls end up cooking while the boys go golfing… the children are old enough to look after themselves now. I love cooking with Carolyn, gossip, gossip, gossip, a bit of cooking, cup of tea, chat, chat, chat… and then the boys come home pour us drinks and then it’s time to eat!

At one of the family parties, Carolyn had a delicious but simple recipe, layering crème fraîche… or was it fromage frais… or was it cream? No I don’t think it was cream… Anyway, using a dairy product, we layered green fruit – kiwis and grapes with Amaretti biscuits and topped with strawberries… It was a sensation, and really delicious.

My friend Judith has invited the reading group and partners for dinner and I am taking a dessert. I know! I will do Carolyn’s green layered dessert…

I hope it’s alright, I’m afraid it won’t be sweet enough… maybe I should have used crème fraîche instead of fromage frais… I’ll let you know!



    1. Lois

      I was afraid it would be too sharp, might need some sugar, but the amaretti biscuits gave it enough sweetness… such a simple dessert! You could use any fruit; next time I will put more fruit round the edge to build distinct layers of colour, it all mudged into one!


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