A good read

Many years ago, we lived in Oldham, a town squashed between Manchester and the Pennine Hills. The particular area we lived in was called Lees which ahd been a town in its own right, the last town in Lancashire before the county boundary with Yorkshire. In fact there was a part of Lees called County End.

In Lees there was a very good little library, which always rang the changes with the books on its shelves and I found many good reads there. One author I liked was a woman called Ann Cleeves… but I don’t now remember what I read of hers. She was interviewed recently on the radio and she was talking about a series of books she ahd read set in the Shetland Isles and featuring a detective, Jimmy Perez. Remembering Ihad enjoyed what I had read of hers, although still not remembering what I had read, I bought the first in the series which is soon to be televised.

Raven Black

White Nights Red Bones  Blue Lightning

I now have all four novels because they really are a jolly good read! Not only is it a cracking story with a believable and interesting set of characters, it is a beautiful and intriguing setting… I really recommend them and hope you enjoy them too!


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