Tasty, tasty!

Worpress is an inspiring place in so many different ways.

One of my favourite bloggers is http://almostrawvegan.com/ and her latest post really caught my imagination:


Yes, avocado and banana! So, guess what I had for my breakfast? It is so simple, slice the fruit, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with freshly ground pepper… voila! I added a little rock salt (Australian organic!) and I think I was rather more generous with the olive oil…. and it was delicious! I daren’t think how many calories there were in it, but I really enjoyed it with a couple of rye crackers.

I’m not sure I would have it again as a dish all to myself, but next time we have friends round for a meal I will definitely make it and serve it as a salad… I found the soft textures of the banana and avocado were too similar, so having it as a side dish with something with some bite or crunch would be lovely!

Pretty… and pretty tasty too!


  1. Freda Iliffe

    I am a relative of Charles Penney on my mother’s side. Charles had a son George, who was my great great grandfather. He moved to Mansfield in Nottinghamshire with his family where my grandfather Charles Henry Penney was born. He too was a basket maker until his death in 1948. My middle name is Lois, so this must have been a family name.

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    1. Lois

      Hello Freda, George Penney was Lois’s brother! So that must mean we are distant cousins… or something. I would love to know more about George and his family as Lois became estranged from them after her “marriage” to Louis Walford. I guess you know Charles was married twice to Martha Ann Quenby and then to Sarah Loversidge, and that his parents were Mary Love and Joseph Penney?


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