Another fine pub, another fine pint!


Some time ago my drummer boy had a gig in a pub in Huish Episcopi in south Somerset; as I was celebrating a friend’s wedding anniversary I didn’t go so as we were passing by the very same pub this afternoon after a lovely day out, we dropped in.

It is an interesting place, the Rose and Crown, it has several bars, but no bar! What I mean is there are several comfortable rooms to sit in and enjoy a pint, but there is no traditional bar to lean on, covered in bar mats. There is a flagged space with the casks there on display and a line of optics and other drinks should you want something other than beer,

I’m very fond of Cheddar Ales, and there was a beer on I had not tried before, Bitter Bully. I owed it to myself to sample some, so Bari and I had a glass each of a very pale but very full-flavoured beer.


To my taste it was fruity but a lychee, almost pear-like fruitiness  it was quite tart too but in a nice way but what impressed me most, compared to other such pale looking beers, it had a lovely full flavour and a very long finish. Mmm, I shall try it again!

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