Coffee with a dear friend…

Yesterday I made another visit to my favourite coffee house, The Coffee House!

My friend Ros who I’ve known since we were at school together (yes, that long!) had never been here before and as it’s always so consistently good, such friendly staff and above all great coffee (house blend and guest blend always available)

A favourite picture of Ros with Bari

Conversation with Ros is always fascinating; she is an artist and singer and excellent as both. We talked about everything, as usual, and Ros gave me news of her latest exhibition in Bristol which has been a great success. If you’re in the Bristol area you can see Ros’s work until the 28th October:

If you explore Ros’s web-site you will see what a tremendous artist she is in so many different genres, her most recent work is  “figurative work – mostly inspired by musicians and performers” but she also paints landscapes, expeditions, still lifes and portraits.

                     1 032w.jpg (175461 bytes)        

 Ros and her husband David are also gifted teachers and next year they are running another of their wonderful art schools in Italy… I wish I was good enough at art!

Ros has only came to singing as a performer in the last ten years but she is well-known locally, particularly for her jazz restaurants… bring your own picnic and enjoy an evening of jazz in a comfortable venue!


  1. Barbro Donithan

    What a wonderful friend for you. I paint also and her art far exceeds mine. I only wish I could have a lesson from her. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Lois

      You’d love her if you eve met her – maybe you’ll come visiting one day? Her art is her profession, it’s what she does as her livelihood so she is a real expert!


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