Strange names… they’re all around you

Once you have a fascination for strange names, they’re everywhere, they spring of parish notice boards, they jump out of obituaries, they are of the children and grandchildren of people you meet.

This was a plaque in Launceston, Cornwall, the only Cornish name is the builder, Sampson Trehane!

The second part of ‘Loving Judah’ is set in Cornwall and there are a number of Cornish characters; the main family are the Polglass clan – Anthony Polglass married a gypsy woman, Zebretta and they had three sons, Tawno, Bavol and Pal – I’m sure some readers will struggle with this, but in this story more than others, the naming of the children is a crucial plot device… as will be revealed! Another Cornish family is that of Adam Trenow, and his sister and parents, and I have had to create some Cornish place names… I hope any Cornish readers will accept that they sound realistic… I have done some research on it, but it’s always a worry!



  1. Isabel Lunn

    You’re right, Cornish names are strange. Some of my ancestors come from St Cleer near Liskeard and my great grandma was called Druscilla. We went to visit a few years ago and were struck by how the Cornish were more like the Bretons than the neighbouring Devonians. In fact the Cornish husband of a friend of mine says that when they went to visit Plymouth as a child they used to say that they were going to England. THey obviously didn’t regard themselves as being part of England.


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