Here’s another idea for the cover of ‘Loving Judah’ – any thoughts, comments, criticisms?

The yellow has come out much, much stronger than on the original… which has more of a greeny tinge to match the little highlights in the foliage

The scan is a little disappointing – but what about the image of the statue, is that better than the previous dappled and fuzzy ones?


  1. bodhisattvaintraining

    Yes the image is much better. I wonder if you even need colour down the side? I’m just conscious of the title, your name, and the side colour all being different (didn’t notice in the other post so that’s interesting).
    It’s a shame the colour didn’t come out well – the yellow doesn’t look right but the way you describe it it could.

    All just my opinion of course!!!! I love that you asked for feedback, it’s fun being ‘involved’ 🙂


    1. Lois

      Actually, that’s a really good idea! I’ll have a play around with that tomorrow! Thanks so much for the suggestion, it’s so helpful to have a fresh eye!
      I just did another pic but when I scanned it the colour was still as bright as sun rather than being murky and mysterious! Oh well!
      Thanks again!


  2. rossmountney

    Hi Lois, I like this one most – it’s really difficult to choose isn’t it?! I had a heckova job with FUNNY KIND OF EDUCATION. I think the colour’s so important because it affects how your target audience receives it and to get it to a wider one requires colours that don’t put people off, like making it look to girlie for example! In the end though, it’s just important that YOU are happy with it! We’ll never please everyone! BWs


    1. Lois

      I think you’ve done a great job on your book cover – I love the shade of blue you chose, it’s very warm – I know blue isn’t supposed to be, but I think this is. It’s also very cheery, which fits in with the positive enthusiastic and supportive aspect of what you’re saying. I like the simplicity of just the one green shoot in the corner…in the corner but reaching into the middle of the page as if it’s growing, another subliminal message! And finally… I like the font you chose, and the size and position. As you say, it’s important that you like it yourself too!


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